''We have nearly always had some Hereford or Hereford cross cows. We like them. In the 70's and 80's we had really good luck breeding purebred Lineone Hereford cows to Brangus bulls. In early 1972 we also began to breed purebred Hereford cows to Brown Swiss bulls and we kept the heifers to make cows. This proved to be another very successful cross and we have just calved our last set of heifers from this cross. These cows raise a big calf and give rich milk. They are also superior mothers. We plan now to replace our grade cows with Registered Brangus cows as the older crossbreds are sold. This may take a few years.'' JLD

Brangus Calf and Crossbred Hereford cow

I'm hungry mom

Hereford momma baby sitting the Brangus baldies


Brangus Bull with the Crossbreds

How come its always my turn to baby sit.

 Big stout calf


I'm just hanging out with my girls

Brinks Deputy and his cows

Hereford x Brown Swiss

Line One Hereford pairs

Early Spring