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Raising Registered Black Brangus Cattle Since 1972

We sell Registered Black Brangus bulls and heifers. This is a father-son operation with two main locations. Jack Douglas is located S.W. of Littlefield , Tx and son Cody is located just outside of Austin Tx. These registered bulls are gentle ranch raised quality bulls descending from known modern day herd sires listed in the Brangus Sire Summary.


Douglas Cattle Company( Wagon Wrench Brangus) was established in 1972-73 in Hockley County 20 miles northwest of Levelland Texas and 18 miles southwest of Littlefield, Texas on FM 597. We originally bought 7 Diamond A Registered Brangus cows with 7 heifer calves from the Diamond A ranch at Roswell, New Mexico.  We kept heifers and changed bulls until we established a herd with a fairly narrow genetic base.  The cattle we raise are functional, easy keeping, gentle animals that are a pleasure to be around.

 More recently in 1993 Cody and Leah Douglas took their herd to Elgin, Texas (Blackland Brangus) five miles West of Elgin on FM 1100.  This is where we develop our bulls and some crossbred heifers on winter forage.  We then fertility test the bulls at Elgin Breeding Service, which is world renown in the fertility field, established in 1958.

The purpose of any registered cattle breeder is to identify the ancestry of their animals and to keep records of the cattle raised.  A registered cattle breeder should set goals within his breed to produce more efficient animals and eliminate inferior and objectionable traits through selective breeding.  This is a constant and time-consuming process that is not easily achieved.